Hallway art

For my first post, I have decided to write about the piece that’s been hanging in our hallway since I first painted it back in October 2011. You see, my sister and I are moving soon and we are going to let management rent out the place we’re currently residing in. This means we will have to leave some things behind – art included. I am reluctant to let anything go, but if I bring everything I paint with me I will have to create something new to fill its spot anyway.. you get the problem. So to ease separation issues, what better way than to immortalise it in the digital world!

The picture is a little dark, our light broke and there’s no natural light in the hallway. Oh, and the canvas is a little warped. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t bother investing in the HQ stuff. Nevertheless, this is my favourite piece.

In fact, maybe I won’t leave this one behind after all…

Audreysjl October 2011

Acrylic on canvas 2011


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