Version one hundred…

If one were to x-ray this piece, they would probably find one hundred drafts underneath. Okay, maybe not quite one hundred but certainly a lot. Every weekend I’ve been tweaking it and finally I’m done! Woohoo! Funnily this was not the end piece I had originally. In a moment of excitement I forgot to cure the paint and off came half of it when I went to varnish. Oops.

Anyway, about the piece. I wanted to create something with lots of movement and something that had a sense of flow through it. Incidentally, I saw a video of a guy spraying and dripping paint and thought I’d give it a go. While it didn’t quite work out, the piece would look perfect and 20 minutes later all the paint would have slid onto the ground, I did play with the idea of having the colours run into each other. Turned out pretty well I think! You also might have noticed I didn’t sign the front and that’s because I think the piece looks good horizontally and vertically. I couldn’t decide so I left it.

Acrylic on canvas 2013


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