Internet troubles.. and design for Urban Smart Projects

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted on here, and that’s not because I’m lazy. Since the internet got cut off, there have been numerous problems with connecting the internet in the new place. I would go into more detail but I fear I will go insane from anger and frustration! So, I can officially say that I know everything about pretty much anything that has been showing on TV. Internet on my phone or the library you say? My data allowance of 500mb went pretty quick and being in the library at 9pm is not really my thing.. Before you think, oh well it’s fixed now, let me tell you it’s not. I had no choice but to buy the ridiculously expensive add-on data on my phone. I’ve held out but there is no way I can continue to be disconnected for another couple weeks.

On another note, my sister got me a spot to paint a box a couple months ago. Thanks sis! It’s an initiative of the Urban Smart Projects people and it allows anyone to design and paint a traffic signal box – you know, those boxes you see near intersections which house electronics. There are some criteria but it is mostly free reign. Anyway, my week/s to paint have finally arrived! I have from tomorrow until the 23rd to complete my box. The design I went with was of two friends having lunch at Queen St Mall. The reason I picked this was.. well, simply because I was panicked the night before my design was due, and happened to find this picture on my phone. So here it is, will update you with the design on the real box soon.

Lunch @ Queen St Mall Design

Lunch @ Queen St Mall design


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