Art in the ordinary

I was thinking that I haven’t done anything artistic for awhile. Since my last painting I’ve been watching a lot of TV shows, eating, baking, sending birthday cards, walking, subsequently being overly ambitious and getting (slightly) lost and walking another 2 hours straight to get home.. (don’t even get me started). What else, I think that is about it. I realised though that there is always a way to create art, or should I say – be artistic, in anything no matter how ordinary the activity you are doing is.

When my God-mum emailed me a couple days ago to thank her for the card I had made she said, maybe we can create a similar piece as a sculpture. I thought, but it is only a card? But then I thought if the only difference between a wall sculpture and my tiny card is its size, what makes one art and one not. After all, art is simply a product of our creative expression. I don’t know, I could be wrong. Maybe you need it to say, look at me I’m a showpiece, or maybe I’m missing something else altogether.

Taken from my phone gallery. A birthday card or perhaps the beginnings of an art installation?

Birthday card or the beginnings of an art installation?


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