First time skier – Just lean into the mountain!


I have just come back from a skiing adventure! My first time skiing and definitely not my last. I find it’s kind of weird when you’re on the slope and you take a picture ’cause, well, seems like a nice day. It is only later when reviewing the pictures that you realise how beautiful it is. Or maybe that only happened because I was too busy fearing for my life.

Anyway, I have many other thoughts about my time (and many bruises) but I feel like there are too many and it is too stressful to try and sort out the best to mention in this art-turnedfood-turnedart blog. One thing I will mention though is never to follow an experienced skier, especially if they know you are following them. They will most likely lead then leave you on the edge of a cliff petrified with fear while they ski glide dance seamlessly down the mountain, before yelling “Just traverse! It’s easy.” Which reminds me, I will never understand what leaning into the mountain means. Just lean more.. lean into the mountain! I guess I’m either missing something crucial or I’m extremely slow at comprehending something.

Anywho, long enough. Bye for now!


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