Cream puffs – a choux pastry recipe

I find that cream puffs are actually the easiest of all pastries to make. Yet, they are definitely one of the most impressive. Imagine this – a towering cone of choux pastries, a flutter of spun sugar, maybe some edible flowers scattered here and there! Boy oh boy! We’re getting closer to the Ferrero Rocher ad by the minute! And by that I mean food of the gods! Anyway, back to reality. My cream puffs sit scattered on the kitchen bench, still on the tray it was baked on. Recipe Below.

Cream Puffs audreysjl

Choux Pastry

210°C / 25 minutes

1. In a pot, combine 1 cup of water with a pinch of salt and sugar and 100g of butter. Bring to boil.

2. Dump in 1 cup of flour and beat with a wooden spoon or something stiff.

3. Continue beating until your arm falls off then keep going. Or if you have Hercules sized muscles, then beat until it comes together and then beat for a couple more minutes. Note: You can’t really over beat this. Also, often a thin layer will form on the base of the pot which is fine!

4. Take it off the heat and add one egg. When it’s mixed in, add another egg and continue until you’ve added a total of four eggs.

5. Pipe or spoon onto baking paper and bake.


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