Washi Tape Headboard DIY

What better way to add impact on the cheap than to DIY a headboard made from washi tape! While looking for some inspiration I came across many interesting headboards however many required painting the wall itself and others took up too much space. I wanted something bright and graphic but nothing that would leave a permanent mark. This is my interpretation.

WashiTapeHeadboard audreysjl side

WashiTapeHeadboard audreysjl
WashiTapeHeadboard audreysjl zoom WashiTapeHeadboard audreysjl front TIPS

ONE. I am of the belief that it is the details that make or break a project. TBH, I think I could have stuck the tape in any configuration while blindfolded and as long as I cleaned up all the edges, it would have looked great. Keep it neat people!

TWO. Washi tape has a slight translucency to it. So, by cleaning up the edges what I really mean is – cut out the overlapping pieces. The easiest way to do this is to first tape down your entire design, then lightly score the overlapping bits using a knife and peel the extra tape off.

THREE. To make it even more spunky, use a ruler to cover some sections of the tape and score/remove these sections. (Illustrated above with the pink tape surrounding the power socket).



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