Chocolate, hazelnut & almond entremet

Chocolate,Hazelnut&Almond entremet

I was going to title this post based on what the cake is composed of but seeing as there were so many components (well, probably not, let’s just go with more than I’ve done before) I decided to go with “entremet” instead. I’m not even sure if this IS an entremet but I thought I may as well try sound fancy so I can properly congratulate myself for the hard work. Well done me.

Chocolate,Hazelnut&Almond entremet

This cake consists of a rich mousse-like chocolate sponge, hazelnut and almond chantilly, a light vanilla sponge, whipped dark chocolate and coffee ganache and meringue with popping candy to top. Phew. But actually, it is pretty easy to make so don’t be discouraged at all. It is so delicious – not too rich and nicely balanced! For those who aren’t a big fan of nuts – this will absolutely convert you.

Oh, one more thing, excuse the messy pictures! As you can see it was for a birthday and I actually didn’t intend to write about it.

So, let’s start!

Chocolate Sponge 180°C / 30 mins

A: Mix 3 egg yolks + 70g sugar in a bowl until combined

B: Make a stiff meringue with 3 egg whites + 100g sugar

C: Combine 60g dark chocolate + 120g butter and melt until combined and smooth

Then, combine A + B, fold in B, fold in 60g flour and bake.


Hazelnut and Almond Chantilly

First make a praline paste

1. Optional: Toast 70g hazelnuts + 70g almonds in the oven (don’t worry, you can do this while your cake is baking)

2. Make a caramel with 90g sugar. If you are like me and absolutely cannot make a dry caramel to save your life, add a tbsp of water and proceed. Do this before you start heating the sugar otherwise it will crystallise.

3. Pour the caramel over the nuts and set aside until cool.

4. When cool blitz in a food processor until it forms a paste. Unfortunately I didn’t have one and let me tell you, using a blender will take foreevvverrr but it is possible. You will need to continually stop and mix it though as well as shake the entire set-up like a mad man while telepathically telling the nuts to stop clumping to the sides.

Now the chantilly

5. Whip 150ml cream until it thickens slightly and mix in the praline paste until it thickens. Set aside. Optional: You may add some gelatine to stabilize the cream.


Vanilla Sponge 180°C / 20-25mins

Combine 2 eggs + 100g sugar + 100g flour + 50g oil and bake. Easy!


Meringue tops with popping candy 120°C / 1 hour (or until crunchy throughout)

1 egg white + 60g sugar until stiff. Pipe in little rounds and bake. Optional: Sprinkle with popping candy. If you do this before putting it in the oven they will become a similar texture to the meringue.


Whipped Ganache

1. Combine 100g dark chocolate + 150g cream + sugar (to taste) + instant coffee granules (to taste) and melt gently. Do this on a bain marie or in the microwave in 30 second bursts. Then leave at room temperature to cool.

2. When almost cool, whip until thick.

Note: This will firm up very hard so make this just before assembly. If it clumps up too much simply heat slightly and stir until smooth again.











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