Double Chocolate Mini Muffins

Double Chocolate Muffin audreysjl 3It’s probably about time I put this recipe up. In the last month I’ve made these muffins 5 times! Each time I’ve tweaked it a little, trying to see how little sugar I can put in, trying it without cocoa powder, trying it with olive oil instead of butter  – so pretty much trying to find an excuse to make them healthier… so I can eat more!? Wait no, that was a lie. I’ve also been spiking them with dollops of coffee whipped cream, whipped chocolate ganache and even a sticky buttery caramel drizzle. Yes, I am still on a chocolate rampage. There is no end in sight.Double Chocolate Muffin audreysjl 4

Below is the recipe for the muffin, but if you’re feeling creative feel free add some coffee cream or whipped ganache or anything you feel like, as I did in the picture above.

Recipe for Double Chocolate Muffin Mini’s | 180 degrees C for 15mins

Combine 1 egg + 110ml water + 50g olive oil (or butter) + 125g sugar + pinch salt in a bowl and mix until smooth.

Sift in 30g cocoa powder + 150g self raising flour.

Chop 80g dark chocolate and add half to the batter.

Spoon into cases and sprinkle the remaining 40g chocolate over the top.

Double Chocolate Muffin audreysjl


Optional: Add toppings to your heart’s desire.

Double Chocolate Muffin audreysjl 2


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