Coffee cake recipe – light and fluffy, chiffon style

coffee cake audreysjl (2)

This year we had some cake loving eating visitors over for Christmas and New Years and so for once I could actually bake more than once a week and not have to worry about left overs. Yes, you heard it right. I always see people post something along the line of “Leftovers? Shelf life? We’re finished by lunch so I have no idea!” But surprisingly (or not so) there are cake lovers and there are non-cake lovers, so it doesn’t matter how delicious the cake you make is. For some, one tiny slice a week suffices. Funnily enough one can often begin to wonder if it is the baker’s biased towards their own baking that skews their opinion of their own dessert. But it only takes a few holidaying visitors to put these doubts to rest!

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French toast in the arvo | Mushed strawberries & frozen bananas

Just before, I decided to walk to the markets to fetch a pail of water get some avocados and happened across a stall selling strawberries. “1 for $5, 2 for $8, oh hell! I can do 3 for $10!” the man said. Well.. how could I resist? I mean I don’t even eat strawberries and I only intended to get some for my sister.. so I told the guy, “I’ll take 3, thanks.”


So in an attempt to eat strawberries, I thought I’d add a bit to my french toast in the least strawberry-y way I could think of – mushing the hell out of them. I also added some frozen bananas, vanilla ice-cream, golden syrup and voila! Not too bad actually. You may be thinking why I’d go to a market and buy fresh fruit only to come home and use frozen bananas. My answer is, if you have to ask you’ve obviously never tried frozen bananas before. They’re great.

French Toast

Oh, also, why did I take pictures half way through eating? Well I wasn’t going to write anything about it but then half way through I changed my mind.. soo yeah.

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First time skier – Just lean into the mountain!


I have just come back from a skiing adventure! My first time skiing and definitely not my last. I find it’s kind of weird when you’re on the slope and you take a picture ’cause, well, seems like a nice day. It is only later when reviewing the pictures that you realise how beautiful it is. Or maybe that only happened because I was too busy fearing for my life.

Anyway, I have many other thoughts about my time (and many bruises) but I feel like there are too many and it is too stressful to try and sort out the best to mention in this art-turnedfood-turnedart blog. One thing I will mention though is never to follow an experienced skier, especially if they know you are following them. They will most likely lead then leave you on the edge of a cliff petrified with fear while they ski glide dance seamlessly down the mountain, before yelling “Just traverse! It’s easy.” Which reminds me, I will never understand what leaning into the mountain means. Just lean more.. lean into the mountain! I guess I’m either missing something crucial or I’m extremely slow at comprehending something.

Anywho, long enough. Bye for now!

Art in the ordinary

I was thinking that I haven’t done anything artistic for awhile. Since my last painting I’ve been watching a lot of TV shows, eating, baking, sending birthday cards, walking, subsequently being overly ambitious and getting (slightly) lost and walking another 2 hours straight to get home.. (don’t even get me started). What else, I think that is about it. I realised though that there is always a way to create art, or should I say – be artistic, in anything no matter how ordinary the activity you are doing is.

When my God-mum emailed me a couple days ago to thank her for the card I had made she said, maybe we can create a similar piece as a sculpture. I thought, but it is only a card? But then I thought if the only difference between a wall sculpture and my tiny card is its size, what makes one art and one not. After all, art is simply a product of our creative expression. I don’t know, I could be wrong. Maybe you need it to say, look at me I’m a showpiece, or maybe I’m missing something else altogether.

Taken from my phone gallery. A birthday card or perhaps the beginnings of an art installation?

Birthday card or the beginnings of an art installation?

Internet troubles.. and design for Urban Smart Projects

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted on here, and that’s not because I’m lazy. Since the internet got cut off, there have been numerous problems with connecting the internet in the new place. I would go into more detail but I fear I will go insane from anger and frustration! So, I can officially say that I know everything about pretty much anything that has been showing on TV. Internet on my phone or the library you say? My data allowance of 500mb went pretty quick and being in the library at 9pm is not really my thing.. Before you think, oh well it’s fixed now, let me tell you it’s not. I had no choice but to buy the ridiculously expensive add-on data on my phone. I’ve held out but there is no way I can continue to be disconnected for another couple weeks.

On another note, my sister got me a spot to paint a box a couple months ago. Thanks sis! It’s an initiative of the Urban Smart Projects people and it allows anyone to design and paint a traffic signal box – you know, those boxes you see near intersections which house electronics. There are some criteria but it is mostly free reign. Anyway, my week/s to paint have finally arrived! I have from tomorrow until the 23rd to complete my box. The design I went with was of two friends having lunch at Queen St Mall. The reason I picked this was.. well, simply because I was panicked the night before my design was due, and happened to find this picture on my phone. So here it is, will update you with the design on the real box soon.

Lunch @ Queen St Mall Design

Lunch @ Queen St Mall design

Rental apartment art..?

It’s all coming together – the carpet and plumbing for our new place is getting done this week and the internet in our current place will be cut off and transferred 1st week of September. This means I have exactly 1 week to decide what art to leave behind for the rental apartment. At the moment I have some old pieces hanging in the lounge and others lying around that never found a spot due to lack of wall space.. Here are two.

Audreysjl August 2013 Acrylic on canvas

Audreysjl August 2013
Acrylic on canvas

Audreysjl July 2013 Acrylic on canvas

Audreysjl July 2013
Acrylic on canvas

Version one hundred…

If one were to x-ray this piece, they would probably find one hundred drafts underneath. Okay, maybe not quite one hundred but certainly a lot. Every weekend I’ve been tweaking it and finally I’m done! Woohoo! Funnily this was not the end piece I had originally. In a moment of excitement I forgot to cure the paint and off came half of it when I went to varnish. Oops.

Anyway, about the piece. I wanted to create something with lots of movement and something that had a sense of flow through it. Incidentally, I saw a video of a guy spraying and dripping paint and thought I’d give it a go. While it didn’t quite work out, the piece would look perfect and 20 minutes later all the paint would have slid onto the ground, I did play with the idea of having the colours run into each other. Turned out pretty well I think! You also might have noticed I didn’t sign the front and that’s because I think the piece looks good horizontally and vertically. I couldn’t decide so I left it.

Acrylic on canvas 2013