Chocolate creme patissiere and a photo journal

imageSometimes I am just too lazy to post. When that usually happens I take a couple quick pictures on my phone, y’no just for the record. But more often than not they never see the light of day. Ironically that was the purpose of this blog – to keep a record of my creative endeavours. But looking on the surface you’d never guess I did anything more than once every couple months. That, of course, is completely different from reality.

People often visit here for my post on washi tape-ing a headboard. What they don’t know is I’ve since repurposed the tape from that into a lamp. Well, a fake lamp. There appears to be a brightly coloured pendant light hanging above my bedside. It is an illusion obviously, as there is no physical object there at all. When I get around to it I will surely make a post before I change it again.

Anyway, where was I. Yes. This morning I made some chocolate pastry cream. Lovely and silky smooth but not too rich and not too overpowering. It seems I am Continue reading