The most fluffy, buttery and not too crumbly scone recipe

A fluffy scone interior - audreysjl

A fluffy scone interior – audreysjl


Yes. That is the title and I am not joking. It only took a few bites to jolt me out of this blogging slumber and I really really hope that you try to make these. Before you skim over mine and hop onto the next recipe, well, let me just put it out there and say you’ll regret doing so. They may not make the most pretty cloud looking scones but who cares when they taste so delicious? Am I right?

I see lots of scone recipes (and basically baking recipes in general) that are so ridiculously complicated and fussy. I can’t help but think that maybe they need to add ingredients to make up for whatever they think they’re missing. Actually, all you really need for a killer scone recipe is flour, butter, milk and good technique. I add sugar to mine since I often eat them plain without jam or cream, but feel free to leave this out.

Basic Scone Recipe audreysjl

Basic Scone Recipe audreysjl

Basic scone recipe 200 degees C / 12-15minutes

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French toast in the arvo | Mushed strawberries & frozen bananas

Just before, I decided to walk to the markets to fetch a pail of water get some avocados and happened across a stall selling strawberries. “1 for $5, 2 for $8, oh hell! I can do 3 for $10!” the man said. Well.. how could I resist? I mean I don’t even eat strawberries and I only intended to get some for my sister.. so I told the guy, “I’ll take 3, thanks.”


So in an attempt to eat strawberries, I thought I’d add a bit to my french toast in the least strawberry-y way I could think of – mushing the hell out of them. I also added some frozen bananas, vanilla ice-cream, golden syrup and voila! Not too bad actually. You may be thinking why I’d go to a market and buy fresh fruit only to come home and use frozen bananas. My answer is, if you have to ask you’ve obviously never tried frozen bananas before. They’re great.

French Toast

Oh, also, why did I take pictures half way through eating? Well I wasn’t going to write anything about it but then half way through I changed my mind.. soo yeah.

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Chocolatey.. bread?

Let me start by saying this won’t be an art related post and well.. who cares! To be honest I’m not really a bread person, but everyone should try this at home because making a chocolate baguette is just awesome. Awesome to make, awesome to look at – quite frankly I don’t know why I’ve never come across it before. In fact, why haven’t I tried making bread before.. Bye-bye art blog, helloo bread blog! 

By the way, sorry for the crappy image. Who knew food photography was so hard.Image